Before attending Safe Haven Clinic you are required to get a veterinary referral form and MSK form signed by your vet.

Veterinary Referral Form

If you would like more information regarding consent and vet referral form or would like me to arrange consent then please call to discuss further.

Making an Appointment

To make an appointment at Safe Haven Clinic please call or email to arrange a suitable time. Appointments are available in the day, evenings and weekend. Please ensure you have with you on your first appointment a signed veterinary referral form which can be down loaded from the web site. Click on the link for vet referral form.

First appointment

Usually last 1-1¼ hrs and involves taking a full history of the problem affecting your pet, this is then followed by a full musculoskeletal assessment, including observation, palpation and assessment of your pet moving. Treatment is based on assessment findings and will be tailored to the needs of your pet. It is common practise to be given a home exercise programme to continue with the physiotherapy for your pet at home.

Follow-up appointments

Usually last 30 - 45 mins. Occasionally it may be necessary for some pets to have a course of physiotherapy and this can be either weekly or fortnightly depending on the problem your pet has. During the follow-up appointment your pet will be re-assessed and changes made to the treatment programme as your pet continues to improve.

Cancellations of Appointments

In the unlikely event that appointments have to be cancelled, Safe Haven Clinic will make every effort to inform the clients of a change of appointment as soon as possible. Please ensure we have accurate contact details for you.

In the event that a client cancels an appointment within 24hrs of the appointment time then the client will be charged the full price of the session fee.


Payment is by cheque or cash only and is due on the day of appointment.


Veterinary Physiotherapy is now recognised by many insurance companies. However, you are advised to check with your own insurance company if they are willing to cover your fees for physiotherapy treatment. Payment is still due at the time of physiotherapy treatment, but you will be issued with a receipt so you can claim back your fees. Safe Haven Physiotherapy clinic is only to happy to complete any necessary insurance claim forms.

Hire of Equipment

To optimise healing and recovery, equipment can be hired in order for physiotherapy to be continued at home between appointments at the clinic.

Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966

In accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act of 1966 all veterinary physiotherapists working with animals are legally required to obtain veterinary consent before treating any animal.